Legal Party Pills & Dex Party Powder

Dex Party Powder Will Keep Your Spirits on High

If you are planning to rock on the party making others admire you, then you probably need a boost. After party, everyone will be asking you about your secret. What will you say? Dex party powder is now available for keeping you dancing on the dance floor whole night long. The formula of the Dex Party Powder is much enhanced one and is very demanding.

Dex party powder contains a combination of synthetic plant isolates and natural extracts. All the ingredients that have been included in the powder are very powerful. Aminos that are included in the powder creates the same effect like that of euphoric energy rush. Amino acids Taurine, Kigelia Africana, beta alanine and Paullinia cupana have been used as energy buster. There are absolutely no side effects for Dex.

Dosage: 1 line (50-100mg). For 10 - 20 lines, 1gm bags will be enough. Make sure you wait 3hrs between each dose of Dex party powder.
Usual Price: $80  Todays Price: $39

Hippie Herb – Potpourri for Your Party

Hippie Herb has been developed to mimic the smoking powder that was banned. The product is free from tobacco. Due to this reason it could be said as a ‘non-harmful smoke’. Hippie Herb is more a kind of potpourri blend. The product is synthetic free and has strong plant extracts. The smoke of Hippie Herb gives peace to those who smoke. Just like the weed, you might smoke the powder.

For a rave party, Hippie Herb is ideal. The drug creates the same effect of euphoria. Radula marginata, macropiper excelsum, hops, salvia splendens, cecropia Mexicana, mullein and pukatea are some of the ingredients that have been used in the Hippie Herb.
Usual Price: $75.95  Todays Price: $39


V8 is having the formula to burst you with energy and it will change the whole party experience. Your stamina will be increased to a great extend after using the pill. This has been exceptional drug and has been built with the right ingredients. This is the ultimate socializing pill that you have been looking out for. V8 Pills are having DMAA (1.3-dimethylamylamine), Hordenin, Hordenine, PEA (Phenethylamine). Other ingredients like natural caffeine are a powerful alternative to Cocaine. It increase your energy to a great extend.

Very similar to cocaine, V8 is a powerful drug. But, V8 is 100% legal. V8 also acts as a effective appetite suppressor. Each bottle comes in a group of 12 pills.

For best results, take 1 pill, 45 minutes before party.
Usual Price: $49.95  Todays Price: $29

Increase your sexual appetite and performance

Sex Intense will increase your sexual pleasure. These pills could be used by both men and women. As a libido enhancer, the product works great. Erectile dysfunction will be eradicated upon using the pill. The powerful aphrodisiacs in the pill are outstanding. The time of intercourse will be increased to a great extend after using the pills.

Sex Intense is made using only herbal extracts and have been used for centuries against erectile dysfunction. It was also used as a Viagra. Mucuna Pruriens, Horny Goat Weed, Lactuca Virosa, Piperine and Galangal will give you deep and long orgasms. Galangal is one amiong the main ingredient of this pill. Galangal has been used as an exotic cuisine in Asia. Galangal looks almost like Ginger. Horny Goat Weed is yet another powerful ingredient. This has been used against erectile dysfunction for centuries. Natural phytoestrogens and flavonoids are present in Horny Goat Weed. Due to the presence of all these ingredients of all these ingredients in the pill, it is also called as wonder pill.
Usual Price: $49.95  Todays Price: $29

Immerse Yourselves in Ecstasy Using Big Daddy

Big Daddy gives the same effect that of ecstasy pills. Using different types of natural caffeine, the pills have been developed. Caffeine extracted from Camellia sinensis and caffeine extracted from Guarana is used in the pills that make it special and strong. Your energy levels will get intensified to a great extends after using the pills. It increases clarity and vitality.

Big Daddy will give you sensations more like euphoria. With the tremendous energy of Big Daddy, you will be rocking on the dance floor all night long. The ingredients like Piperine, Camellia sinensis (natural caffeine), Guarana (natural caffeine) are all available in the pill. These ingredients have been selected after years of research. The only legal ecstasy that is available as of now is Big Daddy. This is not addictive and is more like a herbal high. So, what are you waiting for? Order Big Daddy now.

Suggested Dosage: Take 1 pill 45mins before party or a happy moment
Usual Price: $49.95  Todays Price: $29

Be Super Cool with Mello Man

Mello Man has been made for giving the mild effect of opium. One of the main features of this pill is that it is 100% herbal product. Fine blend of herbal ingredients are added in Mello Man. In a couple of minutes, you will be relaxed the natural way. Lettuce Opium is included in the capsules. This is a milky fluid of Lactuca virosa and is very powerful. It gives a mild sensation of euphoria.

Another main ingredient of the party pill is extract of Passionflower and is popularly called as “calming” herb. For hysteria, seizures and insomnia, this herb is being used for centuries. A calm state of mind is provided by the mix of both these ingredients. The product is 100% legal and does not contain any synthetic ingredients.

Usage: anti stress, relaxing, chilling,
Dosage: Have 1 capsule 45 minutes prior to the party. You might have with fruit juice or a glass of water.
Warning: Do not operate machinery or drive after taking this product. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Not for sale to minors (under the age of 18).
Usual Price: $49.95  Todays Price: $29

Get rid of nervousness and stress using SlowDown

SlowDown pills have been made to slow you down. The herbals in the SlowDown pills will calm you like a cool breeze. SlowDown capsules are more like opium and give almost the same effect. No opiates have been added in the pills and substitutes for Opium are added. SlowDown pills are used as a natural pain killer. No side effects are there due to whole natural ingredient combination.

If you are not going for any party and is just going to sit in front of TV, then also you might use the pills. Wild Lettuce which is also known as ‘Bitter lettuce’ is one of the active ingredient of the pills. All the herbs that can provide the same effect of the illegal opium are used in the pill. Piper nigrum, Valerian, Passion flower, Scull cap and Withania somnifera are some other ingredients of the pill. All the ingredients that have been used in the pill are 100% legal.
Usage : ideal for meditation, Destresser, chiller,

Dosage: You might use 1 – 3 capsules, one hour before the party.
Usual Price: $129.95  Todays Price: $89

Indulge in Kinky Action Using Sextreme

Sextreme is a powerful aphrodisiac that is available in the planet. It boosts sexual energy to a great extend. It acts as a libido enhancer. Both males and females might use the pills. The formulae of the Sextreme are tailored to increase your sexual carving. Powerful ingredients like Tongkat Ali and Horny Goat Weed are used in the pills. Along with this, other ingredients like L-arginine, Semen Cuscutae, Piper Nigrum and Mucuna Prurien are also added. The orgasms will be very lengthy and strong for both partners after using the pills. Sextreme will drive both the partners wild and expect some Kinky action from each other.

Usage: Sexual enhancer

Dosage: You might take up to 3 (three) capsules before sex. The results will last upto 36 hours.
Usual Price: $129.95  Todays Price: $89

Smoke the Legal Hash

Hops hash is 100% safe and legal hash. Hops Hash that is provided from us have been collected at the time of its harvest. Hash is the pure resin and the inclusions of various powerful ingredients give a stimulant effect. There are high concentrations of Lupulin in the product and due to this. It gives a powerful smoke. After smoking, Hops hash the person becomes cool and calm. The person will become vey agreeable.

Hops Hash is a refined and legalized stimulant that is very demanding for parties. Within a short time after the usage, you will become very down to earth person.

Dosage: 300mg (the size of a pea) is the usual dose of Hops hash smoked
Usual Price: $175  Todays Price: $89